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We have been a nudists for over 45 yrs, I am naked at every opportunity. To be nude gives me a great sense of freedom to be my true self I do not judge others or justify my lifestyle what you see is what you get. I have my penis pierced for personal reasons and the visual pleasure it gives me not to shock or make a statement of the type of person that I am.What benefits have I realized? The secret presence of the ring when amongst my unsuspecting friends makes me constantly feel daring. It is a huge boost to my feelings of virility and extremely arousing. The slight tug by the weight of the ring is a constant reminder and turn-on. Visually, the large diameter and large gauge make for me an impressive sight. I do not accept contact requests without a photo, this is a naturist site and we must be open with other members who like myself show their face and full frontal nudity.